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One.Lung. To.Live

The Story that God left me here to tell to inspire others!

Believe it or not, good things come from bad things that happen..

Do you love to hear powerful testimonies?

Do you wonder why bad things happen in your life? 


Do you have a hard time handling adversity or getting through hard times?

Are you seeking to have more joy and inspiration?

Do you often compare yourself to others?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

One Lung to Live will show you how an unexpected tragedy can turn into a reflection of God's healing power and give your life new meaning.

Tashell Williams, a one lung survivor, shares her story of a near death experience at the early age of 22.

Her treacherous journey of healing and recovery challenged her spiritually, physically and mentally almost to the point of no return.

After going through the fight of her life, she came out as a survivor with a testimony.


Tashell shares lessons learned from overcoming her battle to enhance your survival guide of life.

This impactful and inspiring story will change your perspective of life and lead you to be a better and happier version of yourself.


To God be the glory for her mind-blowing story and all of the lives it will touch! 

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