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Coach. Hair. Wellness.
Clean Beauty. 

"A better life requires a better YOU!" 


(One Lung Survivor)


As an Author, I wrote "One Lung to Live" where I share my story of a near death experience at the early age of 22. My treacherous journey of healing and recovery challenged me spiritually, physically and mentally almost to the point of no return. After going through the fight of my life, I came out as a survivor with a testimony. I share lessons learned from overcoming my battle to enhance your survival guide of life. This impactful and inspiring story will change your perspective of life and lead you to be a better and happier version of yourself.


As a Certified Wellness Coach & Consultant, my main goal is to provide you with wellness tools and resources to eliminate stress, overwhelm, worry, depression, procrastination and more! My wellness solutions will help you live in fulfillment, happiness, joy, peace and purpose. You will be a better version of yourself and have a better life after I give you the Blueprint of Wellness!

I TEACH you why you need a healthy balance of wellness, the different aspects of wellness, how to attain and retain wellness with a daily regimen of wellness practices. Book a consultation!



As a Salon Owner, I created my niche of Hair Care infused with Environmental & Physical Wellness Practices. I use Toxin-Free factors to create a safe environment for my clients to be healthy inside and out.

Awards: The Best of Sugar Land Award Beauty Salon Winner 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023

Inducted into the Sugar Land Business Hall of Fame 2020, 2022, 2023 & 2022 Top 50 Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs of Texas

As a Licensed Hair Expert, my client retention rate is 98% because of my success in helping the everyday woman look good, feel good and reach her hair goals with:

a Hair Care Plan

- a Simplistic Daily Regimen

-Quality Toxin-Free Hair Products.

I TEACH you how to reach your hair goals through my Virtual Euphoric Hair Consultation!

Book a consultation!


As a Product Curator, I have created Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty, an Organic, Vegan, Toxin-Free haircare line suitable for all textures and hair types. These amazing products give salon quality results with a simplistic hair regimen. Move to the Clean Version of Beauty!

I HELP you have healthy hair with a simple regimen of light weight moisture rich products that give salon quality results for all hair textures and types.

Shop Cadence Taylor Beauty!


"What an awesome experience! Tashell is very knowledgeable about natural hair & natural hair care. She takes time to discuss your hair and genuinely cares about your hair goals!"

Marquette R.

"I have to be honest, I was holding my breath as I waited to have the consultation. Why? I have been to "consultations" before and they were a joke and a waste of time. Well this was NOT the case with Tashell!! She was very knowledgeable and thorough!! I am beyond excited to start having her take care of my hair!!! I will schedule my 1st appt. very soon!!!"

Sonja R.

"Tashell puts other natural hair care professionals to shame. She is truly concerned with the wellness of your hair and body. She has an amazing spirit and is clearly anointed to do what she does."

Jame H.

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