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Coach. Hair. Wellness.
Clean Beauty. 

"To Help you be the best version of yourself gives me the ultimate fulfillment!"

-Tashell Williams



I am so glad to have you in my space! Hang out and look around..;) I am sure you will love what you find!   

Seen In....

"What an awesome experience! Tashell is very knowledgeable about natural hair & natural hair care. She takes time to discuss your hair and genuinely cares about your hair goals!"

Marquette R.

"I have to be honest, I was holding my breath as I waited to have the consultation. Why? I have been to "consultations" before and they were a joke and a waste of time. Well this was NOT the case with Tashell!! She was very knowledgeable and thorough!! I am beyond excited to start having her take care of my hair!!! I will schedule my 1st appt. very soon!!!"

Sonja R.

"Tashell puts other natural hair care professionals to shame. She is truly concerned with the wellness of your hair and body. She has an amazing spirit and is clearly anointed to do what she does."

Jame H.

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