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Tell your story, it changes lives!


Our life stories connect us to each other no matter the race, religion, gender, age or past. Inspire someone with telling your story!

Meet Tashell!

Tashell wears many hats, but most importantly she is a woman of God, proud wife and a mother of 4 beautiful children. Tashell nearly lost her life when she had her lung removed in 2000. Who would have known that through that tragedy she would find her purpose in helping women be the best version of themselves through Beauty & Wellness.


Not only does Tashell survive with one lung, she THRIVES as a 20+ year Licensed Hair Expert, Owner of Euphoric Essence Hair Salon (5 time award winning salon) and Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty Products, Cert. Wellness Coach, Educator, Consultant and Author. She is extremely passionate about helping women reach their wellness and hair goals through her classes, consultations and custom regimens.


She is extremely passionate about helping women with Natural Hair and Natural Hairstylists reach their hair goals and live a healthier lifestyle by providing beauty and wellness solutions through consultations, hair products, 1 on 1 hair coaching, digital products, courses and natural hair memberships. 


She believes that everyone has a story that needs to be shared to heal, connect, help others and give God glory so she wrote her book “One Lung to Live”. It’s about how a tragedy produces inspiration and life lessons that will help you become the best version of yourself.


Her mantra is "Tell Your Story, it Changes Lives" and she encourages others to do the same!  

Tashell is the Entrepreneur that enhances the Beauty & Wellness Industry with her passion and purpose for helping others be THE BEST version of themselves!


Tashell is Where Wellness Meets Beauty!

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