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What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Choose clean beauty!

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I'm Tashell, An Expert in Hair & Wellness

I wear many hats! Most importantly I am a wife and a mother of 4 beautiful children. At an early age I knew that I wanted to own a salon. On the path to salon ownership, I discovered my talent as a hairstylist. I have been a licensed hair expert taking pride and implementing perfection into my work for over 20 years. I will create a tailored hair regime based on your hair goals, hair health, lifestyle, etc. to ensure that your hair is in its healthiest state and styled to excellency. My clients describe me as the “total package”!


In 2000, I got really sick and nearly lost my life after I had half of my trachea and one of my lungs removed. That did not stop my dream of being a salon owner and continuing to be a stylist. In 2008, my dream became a reality, Euphoric Essence Salon was born. In my quest to make some changes to enhance my health, in 2016 I decided to adopt a wellness lifestyle that has spilled over into my business. When I learned about the 4 different ways that toxins enter into our bodies and make us sick, I had to make a change. Toxins enter in the body through Absorption (whatever is put on the skin absorbs into the bloodstream). I specialize in chemical free textured hair and use organic, toxin free, eco-friendly hair products to ensure optimal health of my clients' hair and body. Toxins also enter the body through Inhalation (whatever is in the air that is inhaled). I have created a safe and non-toxic environment in my salon that cleanses the air of all toxins. Euphoric Essence Salon, is the ONLY Wellness Hair Salon in Sugar Land, Texas and is the 2019 Salon of the Year in Sugar Land, Texas.


In my efforts to provide total wellness to my clients, I became a Certified Wellness Coach. I partner with other wellness professionals to provide knowledge and resources to educate all women on how to balance the 7 aspects of wellness. My product line Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty was launched this April 2020 as the answer to "clean" beauty. I am the Wellness Hairstylist Coach that is changing the hair care industry with coaching other women / stylists /salons on how to detox the air to create a safe, chemical free environment and providing a toxin free solution to hair care. I have created the road less traveled "Where Wellness Meets Beauty!" Contact me to share my knowledge and my story at your next event!


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"What an awesome experience! Tashell is very knowledgeable about natural hair & natural hair care. She takes time to discuss your hair and genuinely cares about your hair goals!"

Marquette R.

"I have to be honest, I was holding my breath as I waited to have the consultation. Why? I have been to "consultations" before and they were a joke and a waste of time. Well this was NOT the case with Tashell!! She was very knowledgeable and thorough!! I am beyond excited to start having her take care of my hair!!! I will schedule my 1st appt. very soon!!!"

Sonja R.

"Tashell puts other natural hair care professionals to shame. She is truly concerned with the wellness of your hair and body. She has an amazing spirit and is clearly anointed to do what she does."

Jame H.

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